Aerial Yoga

I’ve been practicing yoga for over 4 years and I absolutely love it. I love the way it makes me feel when I finish the class and the amount of people I tolerate on that day! But lately, I’ve been crushing on Aerial Yoga!! Aerial Yoga rocks!

I bet many of you have already heard about it but you guys were too intimidated to give it a try! What the majority don’t know is that practicing aerial yoga is like sitting on a hammock. If you can sit in one in real life, you can definitely do aerial yoga and trust me; anybody who knows me knows I’m clumsy.

Basically here is how aerial yoga works:

Aerial yoga combines aerial skills with yoga practice. You sit on a soft hammock-like swing (don’t worry the swing is very sturdy and won’t fall off), and you are still very close to the ground during practice. The instructor can adjust the height of the hammock depending on the intensity you want to achieve from the workout & you practice your traditional yoga poses in mid-air! (now, how cool is THAT?)

Aerial Yoga

Here are 5 benefits of Aerial Yoga:

1) It increases flexibility and improves balance. You can move more freely with less effort because you’re actually counteracting gravity, and it eventually helps with stability and balance in your daily behavior, thus maintaining good inner and outer balance.

2) It strengthens the core muscles and deepens your practice. You are moving and stretching almost all of your body parts! Personally, I find that hanging in that swing eased my back pain dramatically!

3) It puts you in a good mood! Don’t you remember all the adrenaline we used to get from climbing trees when we were kids (monkeys)? Hanging out in that hammock helps me feel more energetic and makes me feel like I can pretty much do anything! In one word: It’s fun!!

4) Savasana is Amazing!! There is something about being completely surrounded by that silky cocoon and the dimmed lights at Mandala, and the silence you preciously seek from the second you step out of your house, that makes you feel safe and happy.

P.S: I personally go to Mandala Studio in Ashrafieh, and I LOVE IT! the energy of that place puts me in the calmest mood, the teachers are super helpful and fun, and it’s so convenient and affordable! I also love the fact that they always have a new variety of classes and they do a lot of cool workshops!

Aerial Yoga

Just remember:

– You will still need to use your regular mat for certain poses
-Don’t wear loose clothing so it doesn’t get in the way
-Don’t put any hand cream on  before the class because you want to maintain a strong grip during the practice