Must-Have Beauty Products To Use While Pregnant
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6 Must-Have Pregnancy Beauty Products

So you’re pregnant – yay! Congratulations!

It’s just a matter of time before you get that unmistakable “glow” everyone always talks about, but sorry to be the bearer of bad news: sometimes you don’t get it… It’s understandable though, your body is doing something utterly amazing (creating a whole other person!!!) so having your hormones go all apeshit is to be expected.

Then, of course, you start scouring the internet trying to find the products that are actually safe to use while pregnant, and that’s a task in and of itself! So, we have decided to list our 6 must-have beauty products that we personally used while pregnant(and please understand none of these are sponsored products, these are actually the products that we used every single day – sharing is caring), so here is our regime:

    1. Face Wash
      Mama Mio Gorgeous Glow or Bioderma Sebium Gel Moussant:

      You can use these two face washes even if you’re not pregnant, especially if you have acne problems or just sensitive skin. A facial therapist recommended this face wash since it targets areas that are prone to acne breakouts due to hormonal fluctuations. The Mama Mio Company has an entire pregnancy range, and their products smell amazing! It also works well when it comes to removing make-up, and it’s nice to have the peace-of-mind that everything in it is safe for the baby. The only drawback is that it is not available in Lebanon, and you have to order it online. Bioderma is the perfect substitute and you can find it pretty much everywhere in pharmacies around Lebanon.

    2. Treatment: Mesoesthetic Glycorepair (Use this at night)

      This is a must-have!!!!!!!!!!! It has quite the hefty price-tag, but trust us: it’s SO worth it. You will notice a difference in your skin after the first use. It works well as a moisturiser after you’ve washed your face, and you don’t necessarily have to use it every night. You can apply it every second day before bedtime. It will repair your skin that has been damaged from breakouts, and prevent any further big ant hills from forming since it contains glycolic acid, which they say is baby-safe. You can get it from Dermapro in Saifi Village.

    3. Moisturizer: Cetaphil or Eucerin (Use this at night also)

      You can’t go wrong with these two – they’re trusted moisturizers since they are non-comedogenic which means that it won’t block pores more than they are already (always a good thing) and it’s not oily at all. You can use them on the nights when you aren’t using the above GlycoRepair treatment.

    4. Sunscreen: Uriage Hyseac 50+, or BB Cream Anthelios 50+,La Roche Posay

      Please, do yourself a favor, if you don’t normally use sunscreen, then start using it NOW! You don’t realize how important it is until you get pregnant. Pigmentation is a real thing people! Not just for menopausal women, but for everyone. It’s really important to use a sunscreen that is light and non-oily, but can still get the job done and give you the right amount of coverage. You can use Uriage Hyseac underneath your foundation as a morning moisturizer, or if you usually don’t have time to put on make up, just apply Anthelios in the morning alone as it is a tinted BB-Cream and it will add some glow to your tired skin.

    5. Body Oils: Bio Oil or Clarins Tonic body Treatment Oil

      This is probably the most important thing you are going to use while pregnant. No one wants those unsightly stretch marks, and although a lot of the time it’s up to genetics and skin type as to whether you’ll get them or not, putting this on can’t hurt. Bio Oil is an amazing affordable product with the patented ingredient called purcellin oil which people have been using to treat scars, burns, stretch marks and dehydrated skin for ages, and it’s manufactured in South Africa 😃. Another oil we tried and loved is the Clarins Tonic Body treatment oil, although more expensive than the Bio oil, it is definitely worth giving it a try, and the smell is just Ah-mazing! Both oils are non-sticky and have a very pleasant texture on the skin.Use oil all over your body every night after taking your shower before you go to bed.

    6. Another body moisturiser: Clarins Moisture-Rich Body Lotion

      And boy is it Rich! It feels amazing when it’s on your skin and really hydrates you for the whole day, especially if you have dry skin. Believe us, you’re gonna need a rich moisturizer especially in your third trimester because you are prone to get dry skin especially around the boobies and belly area and this was a big help with the itchiness.

There’s enough to worry about while being pregnant, bad skin shouldn’t be one of them. So there you have it – We hope you have found this helpful!

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Disclaimer: Always consult your health care professional before using any products while pregnant.

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