Pregnancy Outfit
When it comes to getting dressed during pregnancy, comfort and style should be your go-to keys.

Fact is, almost nobody finds it easy to dress a body figure they’ve never had before, especially when it is one that changes by the day. But with the right attitude and mindset, you can flaunt that pregnant belly of yours like a rockstar!

During the first trimester, you usually are not ready to announce your pregnancy and are most probably not ready for maternity wear yet. You’re not feeling sexy, and it looks as if you’ve just had a big meal.

Tip: Try to stay away from tight-fitting outfits and opt for more flowy looks.

During the second trimester, your belly looks great and you’re finally ecstatic to announce your pregnancy to the world! One tiny detail you forgot about: your body is changing almost every week and you don’t know what size to get.

Tip: The second trimester is actually the best time to show off that cute little bump of yours, so Flaunt It!

During the third trimester, you simply feel enormous and awkward, and the thought of dressing up just makes you want to sit at home and do nothing!

Tip: Flowy & comfortable Maxi dresses should be your best friends at this point.

Therefore, splurge in key pieces that you could wear throughout your whole pregnancy, like:


Pregnancy Look, Pregnancy outfit

1. A form-fitting Pencil skirt/Tight Black bodycon dress that will accentuate the new curves you’re so proud of.

2,6. A comfortable pair of maternity jeans (Topshop maternity jeans are a must-have! But if you don’t have the option of ordering online, H&M has some maternity wear as well)

3. Belly Bands: I actually got long ones and used them as shirt extenders, when my belly used to stick out of my shirts like Peter Griffin from Family Guy.

4. Bold accessories (Long necklaces with Tassels, or big chunky ones)

5,8. Yoga pants and long T-shirts Because it’s comfortable and makes you look active and in shape.

7. Asymmetrical hemlines: If you’re not a big fan of flaunting your pregnant belly, you can divert the attention off the belly by using little illusion tips such as prints and embellishments.

9. Stripes(I know you don’t want to accentuate those horizontal stripes on your belly, but there’s just something about a pregnant woman wearing stripes especially when you accept that you’re getting larger)

Remember, Your belly is one HOT accessory!

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Here’s a list of the above pictured items and where to find them:

1.Maternity Ruby Over The Bump Bodycon Dress, Boohoo ; 2.Maternity Blue Rip Jamie Jeans, Topshop ; 3.Maternity Two Pack Bump Band, Topshop ; 4.Special Edition Floral Necklace, Zara ; 5.Maternity Lexi Bardot Top & Lounge Set, Boohoo ; 6.Mama Super Skinny Jeans, H&M ; 7.Maternity Knot Front Midi Dress, Topshop ; 8.Mama Leggings, H&M ; 9.Maternity Stripe Midi Bodycon Dress, Topshop