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Pregnancy Essentials Every Expectant Mama Needs


As first time moms, we tend to buy tons of things for our precious little ones even before they’re born. But have you been thinking about yourself? Here’s a list of products you really need when you’re pregnant, and that will make your life easier.


1.     Belly Bands

I can’t tell you enough how good these are! They give you great back support, and believe me you will need it especially during the last trimester.  Second, they can hold your favorite pair of jeans up, so you can wear them unbuttoned (isn’t it just genius?!) throughout your pregnancy, and last but not least, they work as shirt extenders when your belly starts sticking out under your shirt!

2.     Belly Butters/Oils

During pregnancy, your skin stretches to adapt to your changing shape, and this can cause itchiness and stretch marks so it is crucial to keep the skin moisturized to help you feel comfortable. Here are our top Belly creams: Burt Bees Mama Bee Belly Butter, the Oh-so -Famous Bio Oil, and Mama Mio’s Tummy Rub Butter

3.     Pregnancy Pillow

For us, it was life saving! It is also MULTI – FUNCTIONAL . Maternity body pillows provide belly, arms, and back support for sleeping while you’re pregnant, to nursing your newborn after you’ve given birth. It’s so good you’ll end up finding your hubby sleeping on it whenever you turn your back.

4.     Balance Ball

I had a lot of backaches during pregnancy and especially towards the end of it and the Balance Ball was a great workout for backache relief. Bonus point: it can also be used for labor & delivery.

5.     Ginger

I found that drinking grated ginger in hot water (with or without a slice of lemon) immensely reduced my nausea symptoms.

6.     A Comfortable Bra

A pregnant woman’s breast typically increases at least one cup size during pregnancy (Yay 😉 ) so enjoy it and expect to do some bra shopping! (I got mine from Uniqlo because they’re wireless and so000 comfortable!)

7.     A good pregnancy book

You need to be informed about all those crazy changes happening in your body and reading about it makes it more exciting and more fun! Get the basics: “What to expect when you’re expecting.” P.S: My sister-in-law got my husband “The expectant Father, the ultimate guide for dads to be “and we both loved reading it! This book helps husbands understand and support their pregnant wives during the most anxious time of their life, month by month.

8.     Appropriate Facial/skin care.

Glowing skin is one thing many pregnant women look forward to while pregnant, but many don’t get it, and now that you’re pregnant, you will have to adjust your beauty products to keep baby safe (Retinoids & Salicylic acid are a no-no for pregnant women). Our favourite pregnancy safe skincare goodies can be found here.

9.     Prenatal Vitamins

Your doctor will likely recommend those to make sure you’re getting enough Folic Acid, iron, and calcium for you and baby.

10.  Antacids

It’s very common for pregnant women to have Heartburn during pregnancy, which has an evil tendency to peak at night right before you go to sleep (of course!) Make sure you use pregnant-safe antacids. I used Tums, but make sure you talk to your doctor before you take any kind of medication.

What was it that you couldn’t live without when you were pregnant?

We haven’t even covered the various Pregnancy clothing must-haves in this post, and that deserves its very own article, so click here to find out how you can own your maternity style.

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