Samy's First Birthday

Samy’s First Birthday!

Making it through the first year of parenthood is enough to make you feel like you deserve a trophy! Despite all struggles and sleepless nights, ask any mother you know, and they’ll tell you how quick the first year flies by!

To be completely honest, I started thinking about Samy’s first birthday party long before he was even born, and saved tons of ideas on Pinterest! Ha! 😀

Here’s how I planned Samy’s First Birthday:

Choosing the Location:

First things first, I had to find a nice, cozy location for the celebration as our house was too small to invite people over, and it had to be an indoor space as it was too chilly to do an outdoorsy party. The decision was pretty quick though. As soon as I stepped in “ Yummy Town”, I was quickly convinced to throw the party there: Yummy Town is the cutest, coziest little playground for babies & kids, and the owner was super helpful and encouraging of the theme I chose for Samy’s birthday. I loved the fact that they even have their own catering company!

Samy's First Birthday

Choosing a Theme:

After not-so-long searches on the Internet, I decided to do a Space “Blast Off” theme. I was bored of the usual baby birthday themes that you always see online and at birthday parties, and I wanted something new for my little adventurer!

Samy's First Birthday

Choosing the Right Timing:

I chose a Sunday, because I wanted all our family and friends to be able to attend it. Remember to keep it short. Your baby is only 1 year old, and his attention span is limited. You don’t want to over exhaust him, and kids cannot keep it together for more than that. The timing was from 4pm to 6pm, to make sure Samy’s done with his afternoon nap and is well rested, and so we can be back home right before his shower time. Word of advice, it’s always best to plan your party around baby’s nap times.


I opted for a small intimate party, and so we invited our family and our closest friends and their kids, with a total of 25 people.

Samy's First Birthday
Samy’s Birthday Party Invitation
Choosing the Food:

I opted for the buffet with finger foods for the adults to nibble on so they can have enough energy to run after their kids, and a seated menu (Hamburger, fries, and orange juice) for the kids. Now I know fast food is not the best option for kids, but come on! Hamburgers and fries can put a smile on anyone’s face and I wanted to make my guests happy! It’s a celebration after all!

Samy's First Birthday

I focused on the cake and dessert decoration, and it was brilliant! Yummy Town have their own catering company, and they really aced the dessert decoration, not to mention the most beautiful cake! Now, although I was pretty bummed we couldn’t do a smash cake for Samy (because he has a Cow Milk Protein Allergy) and wasn’t able to eat anything but Jello, I was quite happy to see everybody devour the beautifully made desserts.

Samy's First Birthday
Space Themed Birthday Cake
Games and Activities:

Don’t bother having so many extravagant activities and games for the kids. Remember, it’s a 2 hour celebration, and your kid is only one year old, and there really isn’t enough time to do everything. Also, you don’t want very loud music and activities that might frighten your little one. Keep it simple. Some music and dancing activities is all you need. I also added a nice Spaceship Photo Booth where all the guests could take a souvenir picture.

  Samy's First Birthday               Samy's First Birthday

Goody Bags:

Goody bags are really not that necessary at this age. I opted for Space-themed cookies nicely wrapped in a bag, and Yummy town was kind enough to offer free entrance tickets to every kid who attended the party! Winner!

Samy's First Birthday Party

Remember, you don’t have to throw a luxurious birthday part and spend tons of money on it, no matter where you do it and what you do (whether it’s a family birthday at your house or in a location you’ve always dreamt of), just remember your baby’s first year is very precious, and you’d want to remember it all your life. It’s also a celebration for you and your husband too for making it through that first year, and you don’t want to regret it later!

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