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A Lebanese/French mama and a South African expat mama both living in Lebanon, who got pregnant at the same time, and who started the journey of motherhood together.

NO, we did not plan our pregnancy together, but we couldn’t have asked for better timing!

This is the Diary of two moms who are trying to offer a reassuring voice in the midst of the chaos that is life, love andparenting, especially after mommyhood. We are by no means professionals, we’re just first time mamas who want to share our experience with you, hoping that you get some support from our posts, just like we got from other moms.


Meet the Team

About Us - Kinda Yaghi

Kinda Y.


Kinda is a Public health expert and Food Scientist who’s worked with several international and local NGOs then decided to take a break and devote all her time to being a stay-at-home mom.

About Us - Mia V.Mia V.


Mia is a Berklee-graduated Singer and Radio Broadcaster, who moved all the way to Lebanon from South Africa to follow her heart.


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