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Baby Registry Essentials You Can’t Do Without

There are so many things to worry about before the baby arrives, and it can often be quite overwhelming with so much to plan and prepare for. Here are a few baby registry essentials to put on your list.

*None of these are sponsored items. Each and every one of these items are products we have used and loved.

  1. A baby lounger pillow or baby nest like the Doc-A-Tot Deluxe (for Newborn to 8 months)

    The baby will feel like he/she is back in the womb! You can put it anywhere – in the crib, on the couch, on the bed etc. Even when you travel, take it with you! The baby won’t have such a hard time adjusting to new surroundings because it feels comfortable in the Doc-A-Tot no matter where you put it, and it comes in different adorable designs! We heard Cookie Dough boutique started to sell them now!

  2. An infant seat. The famous  MamaRoo from 4Moms

    A lifesaver if your baby needs to be rocked constantly! It comes with built-in sounds and an MP3 plug-in that you can control from your phone after you’ve downloaded the Mamaroo App. You can find it at Le Bouquet Baby in Lebanon!

  3. Burpy Bibs, and lots of them! Aiden & Anais Burpy Bibs

    These are so soft and come in such cool designs – even dads will rock them 🙂

  4. Swaddle Blankets. We recommend Aiden & Anais Swaddle Blankets

    These don’t necessarily have to be used for swaddling, but they are great for anything because they’re really soft and airy.

  5. A super Practical stroller, like the Babyzen Yoyo Plus stroller  

    The perks of having this versatile stroller make the slightly hefty price-tag completely worth it! It folds up to a size that even fits in the overhead compartment of an airplane (and that is extremely useful for the trunk of the car, especially on grocery shopping days) and you get to customize it with some very cool colour packs. You’ll need to buy the “newborn bassinet” for the first 6 months, then you move on to the second stage with (called 6months+) . You can find it at Cookie Dough boutique or Mothercare in Lebanon.

  6. Very Reliable Breast Pump & Breast Milk Storage bags

    Coming from two mamas who pumped exclusively, this is extremely important. Don’t waste your time with a single pump, you will need every extra minute you can get – so to spend 20 minutes on each side is a waste of 20 very precious minutes. Go for the double electric. Our recommendations: Medela Freestyle Double Electric or the Medela Pump in Style. Check out our article on “The Joys of Pumping”

  7. Car seat

    You have to have the seat installed before you head to the delivery room! Some hospitals in the US don’t even allow you to take the baby home unless you have the car seat properly installed.

  8. Baby Monitor or even video monitor if you can afford.

    The new smart video monitors will put your head to ease especially when you are on a night out with the hubby!

  9. Baby First aid Kit/Hygiene Kit

    Digital Thermometer, baby nail clippers, nasal aspirator are all a must have.

  10. Bassinet or Bedside Crib like the Chicco Next to me Bedside Crib for co sleeping.

    You’re going to use it for at least 4 months, and it is easier for breastfeeding mamas.

  11. Bottle Warmer

    You won’t have time to perfect the “bain marie” in the middle of the night!

  12. Sterilizer

    It’s quicker and easier, and will put your mind to ease when it comes to germs.

  13. Elevated Baby Bath Tub

    Especially the ones with a lid that can be used as a diaper changing table in the bathroom, which makes it easier to bathe your baby at the best height for you.

  14. Bottles and Pacifiers

    Just buy them and you can decide if you want to use them after the baby’s born and don’t forget to get pacifier clips, they are life savers especially when the baby starts moving.

  15. Baby Carrier like the Ergo Baby or the Lille Baby

    I find that babywearing is very helpful specially with colicky newborns who want to be close to their moms. The warmth and closeness can soothe baby when everything else fails. We recommend the Lillebaby carrier or the Ergobaby carrier, and you can get them from Urth Mama online

  16. A Changing Table/Changing Pad

    Although the changing Pad sometimes comes in more handy since you usually tend to change your baby in the most convenient places.

  17. Cool Diaper Bag

    Because you want to feel like a new mom who’s got her sh*t together and knows it all. But you’re actually wetting your pants on the inside.

  18. Liniment Cleaning lotion

    I’ve been using the Oleoliniment  (found in Gabriel Pharmacy in Ashrafieh) since my baby was born and it’s been great! The liniment is a 2-in-1 lotion that cleanses and moisturizes baby’s delicate area and prevent diaper rash.

  19. A Nursing pillow

    I used my Breastfriend nursing pillow. I heard a lot about this nursing pillow and brought with me from London since I couldn’t find it in Lebanon back then. It is designed to position baby for a perfect latch while supporting mama’s back, arms and elbows making breastfeeding very relaxing and it’s ideal for mothers who have undergone a c-section. You can now buy it online from Urth Mama

  20. Bottle drying rack

    If you are bottle feeding and pumping, you will use more bottles than you would expect, and you don’t want to dry your germ-less baby bottles and pacifiers with the rest of your dishes on your regular dish drying rack. Check out the cool design of this Beaba Bottle Drying Rack

  21. Baby mittens and hats (especially if they are winter babies)

    To keep the babies warm during winter and avoid scratches on their face!

  22. Diaper, diapers, and more diapers!

    Just remember that you’re going to be changing your baby’s diapers 8 to t10 times a day, so you do the math!

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