Back to School Snacks from AllAboutMamina (Part 2): Superfoodie Kale Chips

This is the perfect combination of healthy, tasty, and fun in every bite. The sound effect when chewing makes the kids feel happy while eating these chips. We all know that the benefits of kale are numerous, but how about adding some more super food ingredients to it? Sounds like a supersonic food, right?

Almond Honey Crackers

Back to School Snacks from AllAboutMamina (Part 1): Almond Honey Crackers

A little message from Yasmina: Now that schools are starting, I receive so many messages about recipes for snacks, especially from mothers with picky eating children, or mothers fearing school negative peer pressure influence. Their main demand was something delicious, mimicking store bought junk and items which are safe to pack in a lunch box. …

Food Expiration dates

Food Expiration Dates Explained

Food Expiration Dates can be very confusing.  Although they might sound similar, “use-by,” “sell-by,” and “best-before” dates actually mean three different things when it comes to food safety. So let me break down the most popular food expiration date terms, and the common food safety indicators you should always look for when in doubt.

Self Care

5 Ways to Take Care of Yourself To Be a Happier Mom

Whether you are a stay-at-home or a working mom, taking care of your kid is one of the most challenging duties ever! We’re always exhausted trying to manage the endless calls of motherhood and we tend to forget about what WE NEED. We feel like our household cannot function without us, and we sometimes feel …