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The “Joys” of Pumping

The very thought of it makes me cringe.

Let me start by advising you to never have expectations regarding breastfeeding. See, before Samy came to this world, I had read so many books and articles and attended classes about the importance and joys of breastfeeding and was determined that no matter what happens, I was going to breastfeed my little bundle of joy. However, things quickly evolved minutes after Samy was born. He wouldn’t accept to latch and would get so frustrated no matter how hard the nurses and I tried.

Long story short, after a battle of 4 days of constantly trying to breastfeed my kid who was going hysterical, I decided to pump and so my pumping journey began, and since I consider myself as a professional pumping advocate now, here are some facts you should know about this sweet evil machine:

  • The type of pump you choose depends on whether you will be pumping frequently, or only occasionally and in my case I was glad the little Nerd in me got one of the best reviewed pumps out there even though I thought I would never use it. (I used the Pump in Style Advanced by Medela and I would recommend to every mama out there!)
  • The sound of the device is a pure nightmare and it will make your day to day process even more exhausting!
  • You have to drag it with you everywhere you go, in case God Forbid you were out of your house for more than 3 hours!
  • You feel exploited. No need to elaborate.
  • This machine determines what you are wearing for the day. You have to plan your outfit in advance because wearing a dress and pumping is just not for the clumsy at heart.
  • Forget the sleep! You will have to pump every 3 hours and baby will wake up every 3 to 4 hours (if not less, in my case), Go figure!
  • You will have to make a special dedicated space in your house or anywhere you go and this will be your pumping spot ❤
  • You will have Freezer storage issues. I had to distribute the liquid gold to my parents and my in-laws because our freezer was full and was going to burst
  • Washing the pump parts is the most exhausting task on earth, especially at 3 am, and you have to wash the parts after each session!
  • You will literally feel like you are tied to your pumping machine all day err day, and you’re missing out on exciting things that you actually want to be doing like sleeping, exercising, or just watching shitty reality TV shows on your comfy couch.

Now let me add, that a lot of experts and mothers would disagree with me on the fact that if I had tried more things, it would have most definitely gotten better eventually and I was going to be able to breastfeed normally, but I was just a tired mama still groggy from anaesthesia who just wanted to feed her kid and get some sleep while daddy feeds the baby and I wasn’t mentally ready to just move on to formula that soon.

Despite it all, I know I chose to do this, and was very discouraged at times but I also know that it was the most productive time.

When I look back, I’m both shocked and proud at how much I pumped and I want you to remember that this machine, no matter how evil it is, gives you back in the most rewarding ways and sustains the health of the most beautiful living being that you’ve created, and for that I am GRATEFUL.

Note: Breast is always more effective than pump

How was your breastfeeding/pumping experience? Share your story with us in the comments below!

Breastfeeding while having Mastitis/Yeast infection is another major factor leading to many moms having to pump more often – check out this article to read more about Mia’s breastfeeding story.

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