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Things I Wish I Knew During Pregnancy

Before you ask – no I’m not pregnant again! This is just a reflection on my pregnancy and the things I would do differently with the next one…

As new moms, we’re all pretty much just learning as we go. We can read endless books and blog posts about what to have in our hospital bags before the arrival of our little bundles of joy, but in reality, nothing beats experience. Below are some things I wish I knew during Pregnancy.

Beware, there might be a few “over-share” moments in the following points 🙂

  • Take Probiotics before delivery– you never know what could happen (in both Kinda and my cases, we had to have emergency C-sections) and you might be put on antibiotics after delivery. These can cause yeast infections (thrush), especially in the breasts, so having more probiotics could fight the yeast in the body. I was put on Augmentin for 4 weeks due to Mastitis, and this caused a really bad yeast infection in my breasts (read more about it here)
  • Start using nipple cream before delivery to avoid cracked nipples – if you’ve never breastfed before, your nipples are going to get the shock of their lives those first few days, so make sure to use some lanolin ointment on them before the baby arrives so they are well prepped and don’t crack. Those cracks are tremendously painful and can cause mastitis.
  • Tell friends not to come to the Hospital right after you’ve delivered (please).  This time should be only for close family. You never get these first few moments with your brand new baby back, and you really want to feel comfortable enough to whip out your boob and breastfeed without a second thought. Having a constant stream of people coming in and out the whole time is really distracting and stressful.
  • If you’ve had a C-section, get ready to take laxatives! They will probably give you some painkillers to manage your pain right after the operation. More often than not, these can cause quite bad constipation and that’s the last thing you want! Nobody wants to pop stitches while being on the toilet (sorry for the graphic image, but this is straight talk). Eat lots of fibre to not get blocked up, or ask your doctor if you could take a natural laxative when you leave the hospital if you’re really in pain.
  • Buy extra tank tops to use while nursing – in those first few days after baby arrives, you pretty much be spending all your time in your pyjamas. I found that a tank top under my pyjama shirt was the most comfortable thing (you can even sleep like that) and it holds the breast pads in place without needing to wear a bra. Your breasts will definitely leak at first, so you don’t want to be changing your pyjama top every hour.
  • Don’t buy so many newborn onesies – your baby might be too big for them, and they grow out of them so fast. Buy one set of each size (newborn, 0-3 months) so you cover all bases, and see how big the baby is before buying more. Once baby arrives, you can send dad out to buy more in the proper size – it will make him feel involved and he’ll feel good knowing that he picked out something the baby is going to wear a lot.
  • As hard as it is, resist buying fancy clothes for really small babies. Yes, those little outfits are SUPER cute, but your newborn is going to be living in pyjamas for the first few weeks and you will be changing them a few times a day thanks to all the lovely poo and vomit/spit-up adventures
  • Don’t buy too many toys just yet – you’ll find that they’ll end up playing with the things that you least expect, like Tupperware and wooden spoons
  • Think really hard about going for a completely neutral colour scheme for the baby’s nursery – it looks awesome and very stylish, but babies actually love bright colours and it stimulates them a lot. If you’re going for neutral, sneak in a few colours here and there.

We’d love to hear from you! If there are any points that you think we should add here, please leave a comment below!

Thanks for reading!

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